Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cigar box guitar players you should check out

OK, here's the drill. Drop what you're doing and check each one of these guys out. They've all got different styles but they all blow my damn mind.

Hollowbelly: This cat's from across the pond. I love his stuff. Raw as hell. 

SeaSick Steve: Originally from Mississippi but kicking ass overseas now. I try to rip off as much of his stuff as possible with little success.

Bluesbeaten Redshaw: younger player from the UK. I really dig this kid.

Shane Speal: self-appointed "King of the Cigar Box Guitar", Shane's probably done more than anyone else to promote building and playing cigar box and other homemade contraptions with his website Cigar Box Nation. I need to get up to his family's pub in Pennsylvania and play sometime.

Johnny Lowebow: great one-man band and inventor of the 2-neck LoweBow.

Bill Jagitsch (Bluesboy Jag): winner of the Arkansas River Blues Challenge multiple times and cigar box guitar builder extraordinaire.

Here's a little ditty from HollowBelly. Enjoy. 


Margie said...

It is always fun to watch cigar box guitar players specially if they are doing blues with those boxes. I would love to see a rock band composed of cigar box guitar players.

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Unknown said...

I build and play three string slide guitars exclusively, and i have over 160 videos on my youtube channel where i play every style of cover song imaginable, as well as original music written and performed on the three string slide cigar box guitar. Feel free to check out my channel! http://
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Unknown said...

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Bullethead said...

JP Soars - YouTube him. Plays only a few songs on a 2 string CBG but can jam!

Anonymous said...

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